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I want to live in a world dotted by meaning, integrity and care. A world where we are in connection with ourselves, with each other, and with the planet that we inhabit.


In service to that intrinsic purpose, I´m passionate about using inner transformation tools, as a mean to support greater social change.

The bleak reality of the word has makes me realize that the majority of us are not willing to change and step out of our comfort zone. Resistance arises when we don’t feel safe.

When we feel scared.

When our survival feels threatened.

Our whole nervous system becomes activated and we feel overwhelmed.


What then, if we could create the right conditions to become fully involved in the change and adjust to our new reality with more acceptance and ease? A space of openness, connection, and creativity. A space where you feel heard, seen, and safe in your own body.

This is the space I want to create WITH you...


It has taken me a lifetime to feel safe and loveable enough to move out of survival mode into a fuller thriving version of myself.


A journey:


From feeling unworthy and never good enough, to start giving myself the value that I deserve


From being the good girl that wants to please everybody, to making more space for the wild women inside of me to emerge 


From depending on external world for approval and acceptance, to locating the source of guidance and acceptance from within

Full of gratitude and joy for everything I have gained on this journey, I feel inspired to create safe spaces where we can explore new ways of being, together, both with ourselves and with the world around us.


  • BSc Medical Biology from Edinburgh University

  • Master in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

  • Certified 200-hrs Hatha yoga Teacher Training in Aguadulce, Ecuador

  • 100hrs Hatha-Raja yoga intensive with Andrei Ram, Yogaia, Barcelona

  • Essentials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Training,The Beck Institute

  • 100hrs Yin yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Bindu, Barcelona

  • 100hrs Yoga for Social Inclusion training, Yoga Sin Fronteras, Barcelona

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga skills, The Minded Institute, London

  • Mindfulness for Trauma Survivors, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

  • 3-year training in bioenergetic and body-mind integration therapy, EDLPJ

  • Certified Body-Orientated Coach, The Somatic School, London

  • Certified Transformational Coach, Animas Centre for Coaching: UK’s #1 Coaching School


The unique blend of knowledge, experiences, and teachings I have aquired over of the last 10 years, have paved the way of how I show up as a life coach today. My courageous heart, inquisitive soul, and authentic self will accompany you on a journey towards transformation from the inside out.

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