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Coaching is a powerful transformation process, which sheds light on areas in your life where you are feeling stuck, in order to help you find a way forward in a new direction. Coaching creates a safe and reflective space for you to explore the underlying limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, and hidden assumptions that shape your everyday behaviour, empowering you to find the answers you need from within.


Throughout our lives, we have been taught to numb, to avoid, to suppress.


I want to remind you how to feel, to listen, and to express what is alive for you.


I’m here to help you come back home to your wholeness and find the courage to embody your most authentic self.

My approach to coaching is holistic and profound. I like to see you as resourceful and complete. You are not broken, but there are parts of you that simply need to be welcomed back home. Coaching creates the right conditions for these parts to emerge and be held, whilst rewiring your brain into a natural state of safety and connection. From this new state of inner balance and wellbeing, you can begin to create meaningful changes in your life.


As a coach I combine two styles of coaching:

TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING: A cognitive and emotional approach to coaching, which taps into underlying thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and values. A whole-system perspective that emphasizes the importance of awareness and responsibility in order to create transformational changes in your life.

BODY-ORIENTATED COACHING: A somatic and highly experiential approach to coaching, where we´ll break through old stories, frozen beliefs and stuck patterns of behaviour, guided by the deeper wisdom of your body.


When appropriate, I also use tools from other well-established disciplines such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Focusing, Mindfulness, Polyvagal Techniques, Breathwork, and Authentic Movement, to create ways of working that are rooted in experience, deeply felt, and transformative.


You want some humane guidance navigating certain life issues, career changes or relationship topics

You feel blocked. You are going through difficult decisions in your life and you don't know how to face them without getting overwhelmed

You think too much about things.

Your mental chatter limits you and prevents you from living your life fully

You´re living a life that is not aligned to your intrinsic values and sense purpose. Actually your life feels quite bland at the moment

You base your sense of self-worth and value on external validation and acceptance, tied to doing, busyness and performance

You have a tendency of making yourself small. You are afraid of being seen in your full power and show up authentically


This is not a one-way street. We’ll work together on genuine collaboration towards the journey you choose to go on, at the pace that you decide, using the format that best suits you

The first step in this partnership is to realize that you want to make a change in your life.


We have a FREE exploratory call, where we get to know each other, you tell me your current situation, and we explore the issue you'd like to focus on.


Once you decide that you want to work with me, we'll also  set a more specific goal for the session, to help us dig deeper in the right direction.


The entire session is fully focused on you. I listen, collaborate, and help expand your thinking around a limiting issue in your life and release the solutions you already have hidden inside you.


For a "quick-fix" solution to a specific situation I recommend a minimum of three 75-minutes sessions. For deeper long lasting changes, I’d recommend at least a three months commitment.


I am committed to share with you as many tools and practices that will help you realise that you are more resourceful than you think, empowering to lead from your own transformation.



- Ditch those people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies

- Source your sense of personal power and security from within

- Increase your levels of self-worth and confidence

- Break the mental barriers that prevent you from thriving and living your truth

- Live the life that you want to live instead of the life that you think you should live

- Understand who you really are beyond the labels  that have previously defined you

- Learn to say no to things that don’t light you up or align with your life and purpose

- See yourself as resourceful, whole and complete. You are rooted in YOURSELF

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Caroline K.

Ele has been so much more than a coach. Every time we speak we unravel another layer, leaving me feeling lighter and more full
of life. She gets me out of my head and into my body and helps me gain perspective
She's kind, caring, and holds space for me amazingly. Session with her have been life changing!

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 20.13.48.png

Jeremy L.

Ele is a really skilled coach who manages to balance her natural warmth with the skills to ensure that I leave every session feeling seen and heard but, most importantly, much clearer about how to move forward in my life. I’ve used a coach before but what I love most is that her approach combines both mind and body, so that I embody changes profoundly.


Emily I.

My session with Ele really helped to bring so much focus, clarity and agency to the new year. Ele creates a beautiful energy through different  movement practices, meditation and coaching tecniques, which creates space for the mind and body to communicate freely, so I could really connect with what I needed. An inspiring woman to work with!


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