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Buonconvento, Tuscany
21st - 25th September 2022


Nature is a reflection of the living stillness within us. We can at any moment choose to reconnect to this quality of being by creating the right environment and the space for this quality to re-emerge. Surrounded by nature, Revive will be an opportunity for you to celebrate your aliveness and be reminded of your place as part of nature.


Through yoga, breath, embodiment, and meditative practices, we will delve deeply into our being in a highly experiential way, reconnecting with the energy both inside and out. Revive is an opportunity to leave the stress and worries of city-life behind, to give yourself full permission to savour life in all its colours.  


We constantly have a choice to re-connect to the stillness and movement within us, by being fully aware in our bodies. When we are consciously present to our sensations, our feelings and emotions, we bring a quality of presence that allows the innate wisdom of our body to guide us back into our natural state of being. We then naturally begin to re-balance and restore inner and outer harmony.


Our small numbers (max. 10 participants) enables us to co-create an intimate and safe space together, in which everyone can feel at ease with themselves, each other, and their natural surroundings. The sense of belonging we feel with other like-minded individuals, allows moments of magic and transformation to occur. It is not every day that you get the opportunity to fully let down your guards, knowing that you will be cared for in the process.



My name is Eleonore and I will be the main facilitator during the retreat. I am passionate and committed to sharing the healing tradition of yoga, meditation and other body-orientated practices in a caring and accessible way. Over the years, I have had the privilege to learn from many inspirational teachers, in many transformational practices and this has helped me form a closer relationship with all aspects of my being. Full of gratitude and conviction for everything I have gained on my own healing journey, I feel inspired to create safe spaces where we can explore new ways of being, together, both with ourselves and with the world around us.

To offer you the most supportive and transformative experience, I will be joined by Agne Diciute, body-oriented Gestalt psychotherapist and conscious dance spaceholder, from Tuscany. Agne will infuse the retreat with her passion for body therapy and collective healing.


This century-old farmhouse and chapel will infuse your experience with enchantment and wonder, whilst providing you with the ultimate in comfort and tranquillity during your stay. 


Each participant will share a bedroom and en-suite bathroom together with one other person, ensuring that you receive the comfort and care you deserve.  


The yoga, meditation and other practices will take place within the peaceful surroundings of our little chapel or alfresco in the gardens, depending on the time of day and weather.


Pieve a Pava has a beautiful pool and extensive garden, allowing you to recharge and reconnect surrounded by nature.

Pieve a pava
ensuite bathroom


The closest airports are Florence and Pisa, both of which are about two and a half hours (by train) from Buonconvento, our closest town. The villa is situated in a peaceful and remote location about 20 minutes from the town. For this reason, it is helpful for us to know, prior to your arrival, if you require collecting from Buonconvento train station.



Vegetarian meals will be served and sourced as locally as possible, making the most of the delicious variety of fresh and organic ingredients from the region.


Healthy snacks, drinks and tea will also be provided throughout the day. 


There will be no alcohol served during the retreat. 

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3pm arrival


Grounding practice

Opening circle



Create a safe and vulnerable space anchored by the wisdom of your physical body, in connection with other like-minded individuals.



Breath and movement


5- rhythm dance


Yoga nidra


Meet your edges, come back home to your aliveness and allow your authentic self-expression through the power of dance, fluid movement and inner stillness.



Kriya yoga


Yin yoga  


Mindful nature walk


Remind yourself how to feel, activating and exploring the inner sensations of your subtle body through the language of yin yoga, mindfulness and Nature



Morning Hatha yoga


Closing circle

3pm departure 

Connect with the abundance and aliveness that you have cultivated during the week, to start living a life aligned to your whole self. 





Hatha flow


Thai massage workshop



Find the courage to soften up and open, through conscious movement and restorative touch.

* Please note this program is orientative and may vary slightly.

There will also be plenty of "unprogramed" time for you to enjoy everything Pieve a Pava has to offer.

Our hope is that you will leave Tuscany feeling grounded, empowered, and connected to your whole self - finding more stability and strength from within.


This is especially for you if:

  • You’re tired of being driven by the fast pace of your life and are feeling the need to take care of yourself

  • You feel out of touch with you body and are eager to explore how to inhabit it in a more conscious and caring way 

  • You are feeling unrealized and want to start cultivating a sense of fulfilment from within

  • You know that there is more to life than just living in your head

  • You feel inspired to connect with yourself, with other like-minded individuals, and with nature

  • You come alive around beauty, authenticity, and nature

No previous experience is required to join, as we will carefully guide you through each experience with all the support you need. We just ask you to come with an open mind and an open heart in order to immerse yourself fully in the magic of the week.


As we will be working deeply with the body, if you have an acute or chronic physical condition or are currently pregnant, please let us know and we can talk it through together.

Morning meditation
Thai massage
Yoga outdoors
Yoga chapel
Mindful walk
Yin yoga
Self massage



A rich, nourishing and divine experience on all levels.


- Elke - 


The total price for this all inclusive retreat is 695€ . This includes:

- 2 daily movements and meditation practices 

- All other activities (Thai-massage, 5-rhythm dance, nature excursion etc.)

- 4 nights/5 days in a truly unique location

- 3 vegetarian meals per day

- Pick-up and drop-off in Buonconvento train station 

- All the love and care required to bring Revive to life! 

Your reservation will be confirmed once we receive a 150€ (+VAT) deposit from you. The remaining balance will be payed in cash in Tuscany.

If you´re unsure about anything or want to have a chat, please don´t hesitate to contact me on +34 666 86 80 70 by email: or IG: @eleva_w . I´ll gladly answer any questions and talk anything through with you, to make sure this is the right fit for you! 

If you´re ready to save your spot (max. 10 spots available), please get in touch so I can give you all the details and the next steps for you to join us on this unique inner and outer journey.

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